Winter Solstice Planetary Alignment Yoga + Live Music

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$30 before 12/15- Early Bird
$35 after 12/15
Listening Room Only

The Planetary Alignment is a series of mantras designed to balance the subtle energies and celestial forces! The planets in Vedic Astrology, which include the Sun and the Moon, plus the two nodes of the ecliptic, have been affecting our lives constantly since we were born, directing the flow of our karma and creating both good and bad circumstances in our lives. The astrologers of ancient India discovered particular mantra vibrations that could amplify the effect of these planetary energies. They also understood the relationship between particular planets and certain deities, known as planetary rulers, who can mitigate the negative effects. By combining the nine planetary mantras with the mantras of the ruling deities into a single vibrational tapestry, a complete balancing of a person’s energy system can be achieved, resulting in a more smooth flow of energy throughout all aspects of life. When combined with asana practice, this becomes a powerful method for manifesting those energies in the physical world!

Kirtan musicians Ian Boccio and Stephanie Kohler from Blue Spirit Wheel will be teaming up with yoga instructor Shonali Banerjee to present the Planetary Alignment in the form of an all-levels yoga class. Shonali has created a gentle-restorative practice that allows class participants to connect to the energy vibrations of the planet and deity mantras directly through their bodies. Blue Spirit Wheel has presented the Alignment in this format during multiple tours around the U.S., and they have found that students in these classes can have deep, blissful experiences and feel a strong sense of harmony with the cosmos. We invite you to join us in this consciousness expanding practice!

Blue Spirit Wheel

Based out of Atlanta, GA, Blue Spirit Wheel was manifested in 2012 by Ian Boccio and Stephanie Kohler, for the purpose of exploring new ideas in chant music and facilitating deep experiences of Divine Consciousness with spiritual communities around the US. Based on the fundamental rhythms and vibrations contained within the Sanskrit language, the band incorporates a wide variety of instruments and musical paradigms to create soundscapes that draw the listener info a deep state of meditative expansion. The audience is invited to participate by chanting simple mantras along with the music, or interact with the sounds through dance and movement. In addition to their many years of musical and artistic experience, the chant leaders in Blue Spirit Wheel draw on their backgrounds in yoga practice for guidance: Ian is a dedicated mantra yogi who regularly leads weekend workshops throughout the US, while Stephanie teaches internationally.

Since its inception, Blue Spirit Wheel has been in a constant state of expression and creation. The band has already released four albums, Ādi (2012), Darkness To Light (2013), Kailāsa (2014), and Planetary Alignment (2016). Several successful tours across a majority of the U.S. have brought a national awareness of Blue Spirit Wheel’s unique sound vibrations, and the band is committed to continuing with an extensive tour schedule into the future. Blue Spirit Wheel has also begun moving into the circuit of high vibration festivals, with appearances at Bhakti Fest Midwest, the Color Festivals in Atlanta and Charlotte, Floyd Yoga Jam, Rock the Bhakti, Kinnection Campout, and Lovelight. Ian and Stephanie are both founders and organizers of the ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival, now in its 6th year, and Blue Spirit Wheel has regularly performed in support of ChantLanta’s charity mission.

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