Yoga and Mindfulness in Juvenile Detention

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Centering Youth is leading Yoga and Mindfulness class at three juvenile detention centers operated by the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice – the Dekalb Regional Youth Detention Center, the Metro Regional Youth Detention Center and the Marietta Regional Detention Center.  These are the first ongoing Yoga and Mindfulness classes in any juvenile detention centers operated by the state of Georgia, and there has been a wonderful response from the kids and the staff.

BoyYoga and Mindfulness training are positive physical and mental activities that have proven effective in providing those who are incarcerated with tools for achieving calm and focus, and developing mental and emotional space for making reasoned rather than reactive decisions.  It is the goal of the Centering Youth to give participants tools to help them function in their current environment, as well as in their family units, in schools and in their communities, so they can succeed in reaching their positive goals, avoid future contact with the criminal justice system and advance the cause of community safety.

Click here to watch an informative video from Time Magazine, featuring Prison Yoga Project founder James Fox, about the Yoga and Mindfulness classes at San Quentin Prison in California.