A Day Full of Classes at Centering Youth

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What a wonderful Saturday we had this week.  Two Yoga and Mindfulness Classes at Fulton County Juvenile Court and a workshop led by Co-Founder Holle Black.

Holle and Melissa led the Sister-to-Sister program at the Juvenile Court in Yoga and Mindfulness, with 15 young woman participating, and that was followed by Noelle and Hank leading 15 young men in the TLC group.  We have been in the Fulton County Juvenile Court for 15 weeks now and we seem to gain more traction and enthusiasm each week.

In the afternoon, Co-Founder Holle Black taught a workshop on Trauma-Sensitive Yoga at Decatur Yoga & Pilates.  27 interested people attended the workshop.  They were a cross-section of yoga teachers and other interested people, including a teacher from the Fulton County Public Schools.  It was a wonderful workshop, well received and full of interesting insights and a sample class.

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